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With a production capacity of more the 55.000 broach cutters per month, MAGTRON can count ourselves amongst the largest cutter manufacturers in the world. We supply our cutters under the MAGTRON label and supply (OEM) other well known global manufacturers. We annually invest large amounts, in development and the latest production equipment. With the current, “state of the art” machines, we produce top quality at very competitive prices. The entire production takes place in our own factory in Sheffield – UK. On request we produce special cutters in nearly every diameter & length!

MAGTRON broach cutters are fully ground, where one specially developed machine produces the flutes only under high pressure cooling after which they are ground to tolerance. Material and hardening deformation is excluded. This results in a much better quality, especially with Cobalt alloyed cutters compared to normal CNC produced broach cutters.

Broach cutters only cut material at the periphery of the hole, rather than converting the entire hole to shavings. As a result the time and energy required to make the hole is lower than for a traditional twist drill.

The broaching capacity of a machine is therefore greater than the twist drill capacity. The slug ejected after the cut also has a higher scrap value than shavings.

MAGTRON broach cutters feature  special tooth, gash & flute geometry for:

  • Optimized cutting properties
  • Excellent start without runout
  • Highly accurate
  • Tapered ground inside to ensure proper discharge of the slug
  • A good tolerance to misuse to limit risk of breakage
  • A higher quality and manufactured to tight tolerances
  • Single tooth geometry provides the following advantages:
    • Longer tool life
    • More forgiving
    • More consistent in use
    • Higher feed rate possible